Award-winning  event TV / miniseries produced by Tandem Communications of Munich, Germany, in association with Channel 4 in the UK. Aired on SyFy in the US and Europe (as “Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King” and worldwide under many titles.

The Ring is a retelling of the Nibelungenlied, the great core myth that influenced both Richard Wagner and J. R. R. Tolkien. It tells the tragic story of the Valkyrie Brunnhild and the men who tore a realm apart for her favor: the young King Gunther, and Brunnhild’s true love, the dragonslaying hero Siegfried. Through the connivance of the wicked Hagen, their entanglement sets the stage for an epic tale of love and betrayal…

The Ring won a Diva Award for the best television drama of 2004 and was the highest-performing event television series for Sat 1 in the network’s history.

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