Young Wizards: Lifeboats

Cover for "Young Wizards: Lifeboats"

When the renowned saurian Species Archivist to the Powers that Be summons young wizard Kit Rodriguez to participate in an urgent off-planet intervention intended to save many millions of lives, Kit’s hardly going to say “no.”

He soon discovers that not only he, but his wizardly partner Nita Callahan and her sister Dairine, his friend Ronan Nolan, and tens of thousands of other wizards from Earth have also been drafted in to intervene on the distant world called Tevaral. There the planet’s single huge moon Thesba has become tectonically unstable and will very soon tear itself apart, its massive fragments smashing down onto the surface of Tevaral and utterly destroying it. The wizards’ mission: to extract Tevaral’s hominid population and “raft” them off-planet to new homeworlds before the apocalyptic disaster begins.

There’s only one problem: millions of the people of Tevaral don’t want to go.

Kit, Nita and their thousands of fellow Earth wizards must now race against time to find a way to save all the Tevaralti despite their near-symbiotic relationship with their beloved world and its unique life forms. As doomsday inexorably draws nearer, hope is fading fast, and it seems like it’s going to take a miracle to keep the people of Tevaral from being wiped out. True, wizardry is all about miracles. But will one turn up in time?…

Young Wizards: Lifeboats is a 90,000+ word canonical work in the Young Wizards universe, and is set in February 2011, shortly after the events of the two preceding YW novellas, Not On My Patch and How Lovely Are Thy Branches. These three works together constitute a “transitional trilogy” preceding the events of the forthcoming Games Wizards Play.

The standalone ebook edition of YW: Lifeboats is now available at Ebooks Direct. A compendium volume, including Lifeboats and its two companion novellas, will be published in both print and ebook formats at in mid-September 2015.

Young Wizards on the “Mark Reads” list

It’s a great pleasure to pass along confirmation that the Young Wizards series has made the Mark Reads reading list. Mark mentions in the comments that the series is one of the most requested over the last two years.

Additionally, Mark has kindly agreed to participate in a “stretch goal” for CrossingsCon. Read more about it at their Tumblr.

“A Wizard of Mars” banned in Texas

DD was more than a little surprised the other week to discover that A Wizard of Mars had been banned in Texas.

It’s hard to know what the protocol for something like this is, so the Ebooks Direct store has declared a sale.

Until further notice, you can have the complete 9-volume set of the revised and updated New Millennium Editions of the Young Wizards series for $27.99. It’s quite a bargain when the discounted price means you’re paying less than USD $3.00 per ebook.

No need to worry about using discount codes — the package price has already been discounted for your convenience.

We haven’t decided yet how long this offer is going to last, so if you’re interested, please stop in and grab your set quickly! Who knows, the school in question might unban the book all of a sudden*, and we’d have no excuse to keep this offer running.

So act now!


*But we’re not betting on it.

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